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Leaky roof identification, So you’ve noticed whenever it rains or snows outside, you start to get some precipitation inside as well. This is a very good indication you’re roof is not doing it’s job and needs some TLC.

Why is your roof leaking you might ask? Well, first you have to think about its age. Roofs typically start losing their protective properties after 20 years of being installed. There’s also the chance you might have had some wind damaged wroof leak repair san antoniohere a shingle or two has been dislodged from your roof and rending your roof vulnerable to the weather.  It’s really important to address this issue and call a roof inspector right away when you notice a leaky roof. A leaky roof can start out as a small problem, but if you let it go, a leak can work its way down to the foundation of your house and compromise the safety of your house and cause even more costs to what was once a lighter repair.

 There’s also the issue of mold. Mold likes to grow in damp areas like a corner of the ceiling where your leak is! Mold can be dangerous to your

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Roof Leak

families health. It can cause all sorts of issues like inflammations and nasal congestions. Overall mold is just not a good problem to have that can spread and cause numerous issues.

One more possible problem you might cause by a leaky roof is a fire hazard. Seems like that doesn’t make sense, but if you have a roof that’s leaking, you could cause a short to any wires that might be exposed.

Overall, don’t leave a leak unchecked. Give us a call today and we’d gladly give your roof a free inspection to keep your family safe and get your roof back to its original protective function.


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